Fine Print


Photography is allowed and highly recommended. (Videotaping is not permitted.)

Audience Max.

125 people maximum per performance.  Not all audience members will be chosen to model for Aunt Helen’s Closet.

Performance Setup

Performances will be in the same location for each showing and cannot be relocated once equipment, trunks and artifacts are setup.

Certified Teacher/Staff Participation

Ensure that certified teachers/staff participate with the Aunt Helen’s Closet at all times.


Client/Organization will provide insurance coverage to protect the Aunt Helen’s Closet A Museum Approach To Education® from liability which may result from the operation of this program and activity undertaken pursuant to this agreement, as provided for all employees.  The Client/Organization agrees to take responsibility for any liability resulting from the acts and omissions of its officers, agents and employees acting within the scope and course of their official duties.

Cancellation Policy

If the contract is terminated, Aunt Helen’s Closet A Museum Approach To Education® will submit an invoice of the services and amounts owed and payable by Client/Organization prior to the termination date.

Copyright Use of Individual's Likeness or Voice in an Artistic Work

Acknowledge that any physical work product generated by and sound or visual recordings of presentations during the course of the project, are the sole and exclusive property of performer.  The Client/Organization waives any and all claim of whatever kind and character including any claim of patent, copyright, or other legal interest in and to such property that is designated as the artist/company’s own work.  Further, the Client/Organization agrees that if the likeness of any individual's person or voice is to be a part of any artistic production developed in conjunction with this project, both artist/company and Client/Organization will ensure that the individual has signed a release authorizing use of his/her likeness or voice, and both parties hereby agree to provide a copy of the release authorization if requested.