Welcome to the world of Aunt Helen's Closet A Museum Approach To Education®: a place where artifacts, subject matter and literacy unite in performance and education. We take you on an incredible journey from the African Savannah to the Australian Outback. A hands-on museum approach to learning enables students to discover various cultures in a friendly and exciting manner. The introduction to the world as told by storyteller Sandra Bauchiero illuminates the connections of world cultures during a vivid performance of history and adventure.

This exceptional program enhances child development in the avenue of communication, literacy, and penmanship while maintaining an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Children are actively engaged by donning Aunt Helen's authentic clothing and jewelry. A full collection of valuable lessons are encompassed, in addition to a prized resource book gifted to the sponsoring client.

We surpass dull textbook instructions by transcending the boundaries of the imagination.

About Sandra Bauchiero

SANDRA BAUCHIERO has combined her love of performance, culture and family to continue the story of her Great Aunt Helen. Originally a stage actress and a graduate of Russell Sage College, she has enjoyed a successful career as a professional actress, singer, and educator. Sandra has extensive improvisational training through the Mop & Bucket Company, and vocal training with Hayes Studios & Kimberly Mohne Hill. She has performed at several regional theaters (Proctors Underground, Lake George Dinner Theatre, New York State Theatre Institute) and has appeared in several television commercials. 

In addition to educational performances and workshops, Sandra is involved with Cruise Lines International Association, Inc.(CLIA), International Airline Travel Agent Network (IATAN) and local travel organizations.

About Aunt Helen

Aunt Helen was one of the greatest travelers of her time.  Born Helen Fitzgerald on November 26, 1909 into a typical Irish family with blue eyes, freckles and red hair.  She was the second youngest of twelve children; from cradle to grave in Cohoes, NY.

Helen’s travels started in the 1930’s and took her to almost every state and country in the world.  She worked for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for almost 40 years, using her vacation time to travel abroad.  A visit to Helen’s home provided an instant immersion into ethnic artifacts, clothing, art and jewelry collected from around the world.  All artifacts exquisitely displayed or worn, by Helen, for remarkable conversations.

Although Helen suffered from a debilitating stutter, which impacted her daily communications, she persevered and refused to let the disability slow her down.  Helen was determined to have a life filled with adventure - proving that language is not the barrier we think.

Her most significant accomplishment began with her visit to India in 1962.  Astonished and appalled by school conditions, Helen contributed venture capital to launch an all girls school.  Despite the political, capital and environmental difficulties the school successfully opened its doors to the local impoverished women in 1964.

This is the chronicle of her incredible journey.