Aunt Helen's Closet

Welcome to the world of Aunt Helen's Closet A Museum Approach To Education®: a place where artifacts, subject matter and literacy unite in performance and education.  Takes you on an incredible journey from the African Savannah to the Australian Outback. A hands-on museum approach to learning enables students to discover various cultures in a friendly and exciting manner. The introduction to the world as told by storyteller Sandra Bauchiero illuminates the connections of world cultures during a vivid performance of history and adventure.

This exceptional program enhances child development in the avenue of communication, literacy, and penmanship while maintaining an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Audiences are actively engaged by donning authentic clothing and jewelry. A full collection of valuable lessons are encompassed, in addition to a prized resource book gifted to the sponsoring client.

We surpasses dull textbook instructions by transcending the boundaries of the imagination.

Aunt Helen's Closet: A Museum Approach to Education

a performing arts adventure based on real experiences.